The Ninja

The idea behind the mask

The Innovation

With Table Ninja, menus can be now displayed digitally to individuals and orders can be taken faster and accurately.
Our deliciously crafted Digital Menus and delicately created Software offer both Restaurants and Customers a new delightful and pleasant experience in eateries.
Individuals are able to enjoy mouth-watering, real time images of available food items, customize their orders based on their taste buds, track their food, and prepare their bills way in advance.
Owners are able to enjoy stress free environments, with less manpower and more optimized and digitalized systems. Tracking best selling items, most ordering times, real time consumer feedback, and many other measurements are just a click away.
Table Ninja has been developed for iOS, Android, and Windows to suit any system.

Contact us to tell us more about your operation and we will ensure a fully integrated system that is tailor made for your business and needs.


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